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Position Member of the Parliament Parliamentary
1. Chairperson Ion-Marcel Ciolacu Ciolacu Ion-Marcel
chairperson since 24 apr. 2018
deputy PSD
2. Vice-Chairpersons Victor Paul Dobre Dobre Victor Paul
vice-chairperson since 24 apr. 2018
deputy PNL
3. Secretaries Ionuț Sibinescu Sibinescu Ionuț
secretary since 24 apr. 2018
senator PSD
4. Members Simona Bucura-Oprescu Bucura-Oprescu Simona deputy PSD
5.   Ion Călin Călin Ion deputy PSD
6.   Attila-Zoltán Cseke Cseke Attila-Zoltán senator UDMR
7.   Nicușor Halici Halici Nicușor deputy PSD
8.   Emil-Marius Pașcan Pașcan Emil-Marius deputy PMP
9.   Marian Pavel Pavel Marian senator PSD
10.   Radu-Cosmin Preda Preda Radu-Cosmin senator PSD
11.   Florina-Raluca Presadă Presadă Florina-Raluca senator USR
12.   Florin-Claudiu Roman Roman Florin-Claudiu deputy PNL
13.   Cătălin Dumitru Toma Toma Cătălin Dumitru senator PNL
14.   Daniel Vasile Vasile Daniel deputy Minoritati

Former members of the committee
Member of the Parliament Parliamentary
Member until
1. Adrian-Dragoș Benea Benea Adrian-Dragoș senator PSD  

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