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Passing of laws
The procedure for the adoption of laws is the same in both Chambers of Parliament, and it is regulated by the Constitution and the parliamentary standing orders. The main stages of the legislative procedure include the legislative initiative, examination in parliamentary committees, debate in the plenum of the Chamber, voting, mediation, control of the constitutionality, and promulgation of the law. The Legislative initiative belongs to the Government, to Deputies and Senators as well as to a number of at least 250,000 citizens entitled to vote.
Bills before the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate
Parliamentary control
The parliamentary control exercised with reference to the Government and the public administration assumes a series of specific possibilities among which rank: informing the deputies and senators, questions and interpellations, parliamentary inquiries, the Advocate of the People's activity, the introduction of a motion of censure.
Questions & interpellations
of the deputies
Parliamentary agenda
The Chamber of Deputies shall carry out its activity in two ordinary sessions per year. The first session starts in the month of February and cannot exceed the end of month of June. The second session starts in the month of September and cannot exceed the end of the month of December. The Chamber of Deputies also meets in extraordinary sessions, at the request of the President of Romania, of the Standing Bureau or of at least one third of the number of deputies.
Working programme Proceedings agenda
Stenographic records
of proceedings
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