Parliamentary activity in legislature 2020-present

Constituency no.28 MURES
start of the mandate: 21 december 2020 - HCD nr.70/2020

Political party:
AUR- Alliance for the Union of Romanians

Parliamentary group:
The parliamentary group of the AUR  Vice-Leader - until feb. 2021
   Vice-Leader - since sep. 2023

Standing committees
Committee on Equal Opportunities for Women and Men (since feb. 2021) - Chairperson (feb. 2021 - sep. 2023), Secretary (sep. 2023 - feb. 2024), Chairperson (since feb. 2024)
Committee for Human Rights, Cults and National Minorities Issues (feb. 2021 - apr. 2022)
(feb. - mar. 2021)

Groupes parlementaires travaillants - joint

Parliamentary friendship groups:
 Friendship parliamentary group with Congo  Chairperson
 Friendship parliamentary group with Kingdom of Spain - since dec. 2022
 Friendship parliamentary group with Portuguese Republic 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Czech Republic 
 Friendship parliamentary group with Republic of Cyprus